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Product Name:Conventional type and pipe type dehumidifier


"Han Wei" brand dehumidifier for many years when I set the company's frozen dehumidifier design and manufacturing experience, series developed for the removal of frozen moisture in the air dehumidification equipment for national defense projects, civil air defense projects, tobacco and petrochemical industry, metro station, the field of aerospace, decontamination, laboratory, telecommunications equipment room, file room, the food room, pharmacy, or film, workshops, special glass manufacturing, and other places have dehumidification requirements.
Wei Han frozen dehumidifier have multiple systems, conventional dehumidifier (CF), pipe dehumidifier (CG), Heat Pipe Dehumidifier (CR), combined dehumidifier, dehumidifier riot, coastal engineering special dehumidification machine, tobacco library dedicated dehumidifier, dehumidifier underground engineering, the new air duct dehumidifiers, mobile dehumidifier machines.
Unit Features
1, various forms of conventional dehumidifier comes with fan, easy installation, multiple access to the wind direction and form. Pipe dehumidifier with no fan, need to reprovision the wind case, with left and right into the wind into the wind in two forms.
2, fully functional heating type, thermostat and cooling type, suitable for different temperature control requirements.
3, high-performance compressors and cold with imported compressor, the main parts are made of famous brands.
4, the heat exchanger American OAK production line processing, heat exchanger efficiency is greatly improved.
5, housing the Japanese AMADA processing equipment, high-strength steel shell using spray aluminum alloy
6, control heating-and cooling-type using a dedicated microcomputer control, automatic thermostat dehumidifier use (PLC) and text control.
7, optional networking capabilities for device remote monitoring and fault analysis, to local area network through the PROFIBUS bus dehumidifier group control function.
8, multiple units with overload protection, short circuit, phase loss, overheating, high pressure, low-voltage protection, as well as fans, pumps, dampers chain protection.
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