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Product Name:(J) LF (D) type (clean) air cold (hot) air handling units

Unitary air conditioners of company's latest design and development of air conditioning equipment series. The product design is reasonable, with a compact, small size, light weight, low noise, safety, reliability advantages, can be widely used in national defense, scientific research, education, health, pharmaceutical industry; and plants, military officers, shopping malls, such as different environment, air-conditioning.
Unit Features
Compressors: selection of high-performance imported compressor, safe, reliable, high energy efficiency ratio. Following all-closed compressor 50Hp, 55Hp more than semi-hermetic compressors.
Fan: High performance, low noise centrifugal fan, with a large air volume, static pressure, low noise and smooth operation and so on.
Heat: American OAK production line of the introduction of processing, the heat exchangers efficiency is greatly improved.
Housing: Indoor unit: the use of Japanese AMADA processing equipment, with excellent visual quality. 30Hp the following frame is popular at home and abroad edge of new aluminum arc frame; 40Hp or more using the new diamond-shaped aluminum frame edge, the overall structure is compact, elegant, very modern; outdoor unit: heat exchanger with a bending molding technology, beautiful appearance, good effect of heat transfer. Shell made of high quality steel, the surface coating or stainless steel, open-air place the unit in danger of never rust.
Humidifier: use of high-performance humidifier with good control performance, humidification, high efficiency, safety and reliability.
Heater: The heater stiffened universities, small thermal power conversion rate.
Refrigeration accessories: expansion valve, filter, solenoid valve, high and low voltage controllers, pressure gauges and other accessories are all made of famous brand products.
Insulation layer: high polyethylene foam, thermal conductivity, high water resistance, aging resistance, flame retardant, non-toxic.
Multiple protection: unit with high pressure, low-voltage, overload, short circuit, phase loss, overheating, due to wind pressure and other protection, and water pumps, fire damper chain protection.
Control: constant temperature and humidity unit uses high-performance programmable control instrumentation. Control of high precision and reliability. The meter is reserved for the remote control interface, remote centralized control can be user-friendly, save the management of human.
Watering dish: all the water spray unit disk, using the maintenance can be field replaceable, and the replacement of particular convenience.
New outlet: New outlet unit can be set aside to facilitate the user to choose.
Pressure drainage: an independent unit with automatic condensate discharge device can be convenient unit condensate discharge. This part is optional, required when ordering.
Back to the wind: 1, before the return air, before the blast (with hood); 2, before the return air, the air supply; 3, after the return air, the air supply

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