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Product Name:Tobacco dehumidifier


Wei Han tobacco dehumidifier in strict accordance with Europe's most advanced design and production of desiccant wheel technology, comprehensive, efficient use of titanium fifth generation European silicone composite wheel. Its on the plastic rate of 82% or more.
Rich standard equipment on stand-alone product specifications can handle air volume from 1,500 cubic meters / hour to 30,000 cubic meters / hour, but can also require the user to customize more air flow desiccant wheel and equipment.
Han Wei is not only a manufacturer of dehumidification equipment, refrigeration equipment we are the industry leader, through the wheel, and refrigeration equipment combined with each other to Big Tobacco Warehouse temperature and humidity control requirements.
Ultra-thin design, structural diversity, form the modern, scientific and reasonable air flow, corrosion resistance, automatic integrated control.
Adaptation: the high dust content environment.
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