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Product Name:Fan coil


Company coil absorbs the advanced domestic and foreign similar products, technology strengths, according to national standards, and the trial and determination by the snobbish and efficient completion of a series of technical design improvements, and therefore superior performance, versatile, full range, high efficiency , low noise, and its varieties are horizontal concealed, surface mounted horizontal, vertical concealed, vertical surface mounted, cassette units, and other series, after matching with the new air unit is widely used in hotels, hospitals, office buildings, high conference rooms, exhibition halls and other places with low noise is ideal for central air conditioning system, the end device.
Main advantages:
High-efficiency aluminum fin heat exchanger configuration with low noise fan, enhancing heat transfer, so that the maximum heat transfer performance of play;
Sophisticated design, so that the coil of the left and the right style can choose the order. If users need to be prepared separate automatic temperature control device to be controlled places of constant temperature control;
Stationary phase motor capacitor motor energy saving, high-quality ball bearings for the import of high-precision bearings, can be self-lubricating, motor shaft are through conditioning and hard chromium special treatment, durable, fixed at the easy disassembly. Electrical motor with metal hose protection, in line with international standards;
Ordinary coil outlet static pressure is 0 ~ 12pa, and pressure-type outlet static pressure is 30pa;
Water coil and heat compression molding, the overall adhesive technology, durable no welding, good looks, lightweight, non-condensing, dripping; out transfer to a plate tube with Shanghai Baosteel production of quality sheet metal, surface spray, concealed coil galvanized fingerprint resistant sheet or plate;
Coil material copper string of high quality seamless corrugated aluminum fin is made by hydraulic or mechanical tube expander, coil cabinets paste with sound-absorbing insulation materials, copper staggered, with a high heat transfer performance and low air resistance.


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